THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR NADIM IS NOW AVAILABLE WORLDWIDEWatch Here 14th NOVEMBER 2021 – America based Nigerian film maker KNN announces his long-awaited music video release of “Nadim” featuring Mr Raw. The exciting new video features pristine cinematography and uber danceable grooves that is sure to get listeners off their feet. “Nadim” is now available on all […]

The Art of Filmmaking: Practice Makes Perfect

Achieving perfection doesn’t happen in a day. Ask the experts, and they will say exactly the same. These individuals have had to put in the work officially and unofficially to improve their skills until these talents become a Midas touch. Everything, including filmmaking, takes days, weeks, months, and years of practice to achieve that flawlessness. […]

So you want to be a professional filmmaker

Passion, dedication and the ability to work extra hard, these are the ingredients of success in any occupation. By the time you decide to become a filmmaker, you probably have a passion for filmmaking. How do you move from just having a passion for the job to being successful at it? Below are a few […]

6 Relationship Goals All Couples Should Aspire To

Falling in love is quite an exceptional feeling that any human being is bound to feel at some point in their lives. It is therefore a wonderful idea to do a routine relationship maintenance. Whether you are in an established long term or in the wonderful months of new love, routine maintenance will help boost […]

5 Awe-inspiring Book publishing Tips

Reading books not only improves our vocabulary and communication skills but also enhances our language skills. The knowledge drawn from these books enables us to express our thoughts in a more efficient and logical manner. It is therefore quite appropriate for publishers to publish books that are advanced with relevant information that will quench our […]