Human Trafficking, sex trafficking, modern day slavery, is reported to be the second largest criminal enterprise in the world and has ensnared over 40 million victims according the International Labor Organization. Adults and children exploited in the commercial sex trade, forced labor, and involuntary servitude around the world especially in developing countries.most vulnerable being the poor and average people in society struggling to make ends meet.


The mission of kevstel Foundation is to bring awareness and education through music, films and various campaigns about the perils of men, women, and children enslaved through the heinous acts of human trafficking, poverty, diseases , domestic violence, relationships and various ills in our societies globally. It is our desire to create safe and healthy communities and completely eradicate this modern-day form of slavery, where victims are exploited for commercial sex, forced labor, or involuntary servitude to enrich the traffickers subjecting victims, their families and societies to terrible pain.

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