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14th NOVEMBER 2021 – America based Nigerian film maker KNN announces his long-awaited music video release of “Nadim” featuring Mr Raw. The exciting new video features pristine cinematography and uber danceable grooves that is sure to get listeners off their feet. “Nadim” is now available on all major digital streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Soundcloud, Amazon Music and others. Listen to the track Here. The official music video for “Nadim” is also available on YouTube Here, Vevo, Apple, Facebook, Tidal and Vimeo.

With the Music Video produced by Kevstel Productions, Nadim is a heartfelt, thanksgiving Christian reggaeton track performed in a combination of different Nigerian languages (Igbo, Issele Uku, Edo) and English. With a penchant for worship and spirit to inspire, KNN hopes to inspire believers with this heartfelt song expressing how he feels deep down about the love of God in his life. For KNN, God has always been with him throughout his life and this track is just an avenue for KNN to express his gratitude and love for The Lord. KNN ingeniously presents a fresh new perspective with this brand of worship music consisting of a distinctive blend multiple styles, reaching out to a plethora of different listeners from all walks of life. The resourceful individual also has a unique innate competency to ingeniously put together idiosyncratic sounds and melodies, creating breathtaking music, all while maintaining a consistent brand. Even though still relatively new to the music scene, KNN is actually an accomplished film director and producer who shot to fame after he wrote and produced the movies; Enemy Within and A Mother’s Love. Both of these movies went on to be among the official film selection at the prestigious Gwinnett Center Film Festival and Marbella International Film Festival. The critically acclaimed film maker also shot two major films, Tempting Fate (Theatrical release in 2015) and Muna (Theatrical release in 2019/2020), both of which are currently available on Amazon.

Following the digital release of” Nadim”, KNN looks to continue to engage with his current listeners and reach out to new ones with brand new songs in the near future. With big dreams and plenty of energy to spare, KNN seeks to positively influence society with his music, and is well on his way to becoming one of the most phenomenal artists in this generation.


Dear God, I know you are listening
Thank you for everything
everything you have given me … o

When I didn’t have nothing eee you’ve always been my provider yeah
I surrender my life …my life

Forgive me for my sins oh lord …oh lord
I know am not perfect ..No o

You bring me to my knees
Oh I will praise your name
oh I will praise your name!!!

16 x Onye kere Uwa bu Nadim
(The creator of the world is my Father)

Uweseh Baba mo
Uweseh ! On ye mu Ji eve Onu
Uweseh Baba Mo
Uwaseh Osamudiame
(Thank you my God, Thank you the God I boast with)
(Thank you my God, Thank you the God that stands for me)

I remember when
I had no food
I called your name
you answered me

I remember when the doctor said no hope
on this sickness you gave me hope
I remember when the employer said no job
i looked up to you, you gave me job

I remember when my enemies gathered
They said I will die
You said I must live
You conquered all and gave me victory and gave me life God you gave me hope

You gave me life lord you gave me hope
You gave me life lord you gave me hope

Thanks giving is an attitude of Gratitude
and i have never seen love of this magnitude
He loves me unconditionally
the definition of his love is not in dictionary 

We are praying for long life
Good health and prosperity
God gave us more

My dear please leave it
every day people step out
some don’t know what it takes
for us to arrange what we put in Rap

I don’t know the type of situations you are in
but for the fact that Jesus Christ died for my sins

So today my life is a testimony
so the devil got nothing on me !!
Fire !!!

So if you are alive
And you are still complaining
remember its only the dead
that does not feel any pain
so my dear we don’t loose in life
We learn lessons
So can you take a minute or two to count your blessings

Uweseh Baba mo
Uweseh ! On ye mu Ji eve Onu
Uweseh Baba Mo
Uwaseh Osamudiame
(Thank you my God, thank you the God I boast with)
(Thank you my God, thank you the God that stands for me)

Ewo” na Chimo na apam apa’ eeh (My God carries me in his hands)
Na Chimo bu Dike oooo (My God is a Mighty Warrior)
Na Chimo bu Oka ka mee (my God is a great God)
Na Chimo bu kwa’ nu nadim (My God is my father)

Na Chimo na enye’ Nwa’  eee  (My God gives children)
Na Chimo Na enye Egoo ee  (My God gives money)
Na Chimo Na enye Udo eee  (My God gives peace)
Na Chimo bu kwa’ nu nadim (My God is my father

na o bukwa’ nadim  nwanem ( My dear He is my Father ) x 4

My God ooooooooooo

My God

Oh My God …


About Kevin Nkem Nwankwor (KNN)

Kevin Nwankwor is an Award-Winning Director and Producer known for films like a Mother’s Love, Enemy Within, 30 Days In Atlanta, A Trip To Jamaica, Tempting Fate and Muna which is his most recent feature film . Kevin has worked with actors like Robert Miano , Adam Huss , Massi Furlan , Vivica A, Fox, Lynn Whitfield, Eric Roberts, Paul Campbell, Ramsey Nouah, Funke Akindele Bello, Adesua Etomi, Falz, Onyeka Onwenu, Robert Miano, Adam Huss of Power and many other Nollywood and Hollywood actors. 

He holds a Master’s degree in filmmaking (MFA), from New York Film Academy (NYFA), a Master’s degree in business administration with concentration in Marketing (MBA), from University of Phoenix, and a Bachelors degree in Project Management from Federal University of Technology Owerri.

Kevin’s latest project is Muna, a human trafficking “Action-Drama” shot In Nigeria and USA.

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