Mended With Love~ Sons of Ishmael Series Book III

After a long year absence, the Dajuma brothers are back. Introducing Kamal’s story. You will get to catch up on Jabir and Rasheed and their lovely families.


“He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm‬ ‭147:3‬

Bad boy and celebrated soccer star, Kamal Danjuma is the youngest of the Danjuma brothers. Unlike his brothers, he handled his abandonment issues quite differently. His whole career is driven by the need to prove his absent father wrong. Recently however, his career has been plagued with erratic decisions and health issues. A return to the United Kingdom to play in the Premiere League, where it all started for him, is just what will erase the disaster of his last season in America. He has one goal in mind; remind the fans and team management why they love Kammy Danjuma.

Ebele Ashiedu is months away from earning her Bachelor’s degree. Growing up without her father, left her insecure and unable to decipher how a man should treat her. The result? A seven year detour that has made her media leery. Through the grace of God, she’s back on track. Now all that matters is finishing school, establishing herself and helping her mother out. She has no room for distractions.

A mix up in seating arrangements, bring these two together. An injury and a father’s rejection force them to deal with their pain and insecurities their complicated pasts have created. Will they make it past the unmasking to get to their happily ever after ?



Kamal stayed rooted in place. The mystery that was Ebele had just become more intriguing as Tega’s words replayed in his mind. “The reason goes deeper than that’s how she is. It’s personal.”

A kobo for your thoughts?”

Kamal was so deep in thought that he hadn’t noticed Ebele entered the kitchen. “Dang E, just a kobo?” Kobo was the Nigerian equivalent of a penny. With the exchange rate, it was much less. She walked up to him and took the seat Tega previously occupied.

“Well, a kobo and a half I guess,” she said.

“How about I take you to breakfast tomorrow, so you can see my thoughts are worth much more than that.”

“I know they are. I was just teasing.”

“I wasn’t, so will you allow me feed you?’ His eyes pleaded for her not to turn him down.

“Don’t soccer players like train or something on the weekends?”

“Yeah, we like train or something, but we still have to eat. Tomorrow we have half a day, so we’ll be done by 9:30.”

“I really do have a lot of school work to –”

“But you still have to eat. If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you’re trying to blow me off.” He turned his lips up in a pout. His pout normally got him what he wanted. It was a stretch, but he might as well try it on her.

Ebele frowned up at him shaking her head. Her eyes danced with laughter. “Don’t do that. It’s not cute, but okay.”

He stood and rubbed his hands together. “Cute or not, it worked. End game baby, end game.” At the mention of the term of endearment, their eyes held for a long moment.  He cleared his throat to get rid of the awkwardness. He never wanted her to feel uncomfortable. “Come walk me out.”

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