Why We Should Be Thankful To God

Almost every Christian is familiar with the song “Give thanks”. The spirit of thankfulness is inculcated in all of us right from childhood. Notwithstanding your religious beliefs, the message is the same, you have to always give thanks to God. Sometimes nothing goes right in your life and your levels of discouragement are skyrocketing, sometimes the pain is unbearable- most times, given the trials and tribulations that are a part of life, we find ourselves in situations which prompt us to question why we have to give thanks. Here are a few reasons to keep in mind when you find yourself in such situations.

  1. We give thanks to God because he is God.

As simple as that sounds, it is the most important reason as to why we give thanks. God owns all things, he created all things great and small. God made us what we are and placed us right where we are. He is immortal and knows all things. Despite our circumstances, it is important to remember that He is God, greater than all creations and that He is deserving of all praise and thanksgiving.

  1. God knows what is best for us.

While man is an intelligent being, being that we do not know our futures, it is often not possible to determine truly what is best for us. We are often mistaken as to what takes care of our best interest. God, however, is not plagued with these limitations. He knows our futures and as such, He knows exactly what is best for us. However difficult your situation may be, it is important to give thanks to God because He saw it best for you to go through whatever difficulties that you are facing.

  1. He created you.

That God was merciful enough to give us life and thought it good to create us is reason enough to give thanks to Him. We did not give anything to warrant our existence on earth as such we should be eternally grateful for our mere existence on earth.

  1. God is good.

This we learn from our various religious institutions and also witness in our lives. God is good, He is merciful, caring and forgiving. We are taught that man is born in sin and shaped in iniquity yet God who is perfect and sinless still forgives and accepts us as we are. God being good, brings good and peace into our lives.

  1. Enables you to have a positive approach to life.

Thanksgiving also benefits us in our personal life. It reminds us of the good things that we have enjoyed and that we continue to enjoy in our lives. Thanksgiving also reminds us that no matter how bad things are, at some point in our lives, things were good and eventually, things will go

back to the way they were. Giving thanks to God thus makes us have a positive approach to life, which is needed for one to lead a wholesome and happy life.

  1. You always have a reason to give thanks.

Human beings easily forget and are naturally covetous. These two traits often rid people of joy in life. Giving thanks reminds us of all that we have, and as such brings back the joy of life. Reasons for giving thanks include things that we often disregard as small including life, family, friends, food and health. We should always keep in mind that we did nothing to deserve these heavenly gifts and as such we must be thankful to God for them. Even when you lack all the things mentioned above, remember that God, through His son Jesus, saved us. As undeserving as we are of His grace, He gave His only son to die for our sins.

  1. Giving thanks enable us to have a deeper understanding of God.

As human beings, we are often unsatisfied with the things that we have and we often find ourselves complaining. Giving thanks makes us hopeful and stronger in Faith and thus enables to have a deeper understanding of God.

In conclusion, the Bible in 1st Thessalonians 5:18 summarizes the reasons as to why we should always give thanks to God. “In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” For a true Thanksgiving spirit, download the thanksgiving song by KNN and Mr. Raw.


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