A mind blowing , african action /romance movie set in Nigeria , West Africa. For Sponsorship, Partnership and Product Placement Enquiry you can contact us below ..

Why Partner / Product Placement ?

“Exxon paid $300,000 for its name to appear in Days of Thunder. Pampers paid $50,000 to be featured in Three Men and a Baby, and Cuervo Gold spent $150,000 for placement in Tequila Sunrise, according to Danny Thompson, president of Creative Entertainment Services, in a 1993 New York magazine interview.

As for how effective the practice of product placement is, that same article quotes Joel Henrie, a partner at Motion Picture Placement, as saying: “Look what happened to Hermes scarves after Basic Instinct, Ray-Ban sunglasses after Risky Business, and suspenders after Michael Douglas wore them in Wall Street.” — Snopes

Available Placements

1. Screen Placement 
2. Script Placement
3. Plot Placement

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